A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents,

Last week our SAT team launched our anti bullying effort which coincided with National Anti-Bullying Day.  The students have made posters (which will be displayed around the school) and which encourage students to stand up for one another when they see injustice occurring among their friends.  The message they are promoting is: “Stand up for a friend today and say, Stop! That’s not okay.”  Whilst we all make a real effort to stamp out bully behaviour, the Student Action Team feels that as students who see behaviours sometimes occurring, we need to build a culture where students feel empowered to tell their friends when they see them behaving badly towards other children.  I commend them on their initiative and will keep you informed of how the campaign unfolds.

This week we continue to pray for the students in year 3/4 who will make the sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time.  The celebration of this is as follows:

Tuesday 20th March 6.30pm Gr. 3 /4 F and Gr. 3/ 4 G

Wednesday 21 March 6.30pm Gr. 3/ 4 M and Gr. 3 / 4 R

Last week. I advertised a parent survey that I strongly encourage you all to complete.  The survey only takes ten minutes to complete and will provide us with valuable information in continuing our commitment to improving communication and engagement for all families. Please click here Parent Survey to complete the survey.

Also, whilst thinking about improving communication, I have had several requests for the newsletter to be emailed directly to parents.  If you would like the newsletter emailed, please email kborrelli@smmountevelyn.catholic.edu.au and we will get this happening.  Other feedback around communication has also been received and in response I’d like to clarify a couple of points:

  • Official school messages are put onto the Skoolbag app as well as posted on the Friends of St Mary’s Facebook page

  • Urgent messages are also sent as a SMS

  • The Facebook page is not an official page belonging to St Mary’s.  Originally set up by parents, this page continues to provide an unofficial forum for school related questions, most often answered by other parents.  Because the page is related to the school, it does need to follow the Child Safety protocols around publishing photos of children onto the page.  Photos which contain any child/ren not your own are not to be posted.

  • The Facebook page is monitored by a team of parents; the school also monitors the page.

  • As we increase online communications, the school will provide a computer in the foyer for parents who may (for whatever reason) have no internet access.

On another note, congratulations to our students who swam at the eastern region championships last Friday. Swimming a team PB by more than 7 seconds, we are super proud of their efforts.

I would like to remind anyone who is thinking ahead for winter that we do have a stockpile of dry fire wood available for sale. The wood can be purchased for $50 per flatbed trailer load. Please contact the office for details or contact Justin Prescott directly as he is coordinating this for us.

And finally, thank you to the wonderful families who attended the working bee on Saturday, despite yesterday’s ferocious winds, the school is looking very neat and tidy!

MOUNT LILYDALE MERCY COLLEGE - YEAR 7 2020 Applications for Year 7 2020 are due by Monday 30 April 2018. An Enrolment Information Session will be held at the college on: Wednesday 21 March at 7.30pm Centennial Hall Mount Lilydale Mercy College.  All parents of Grade 5 students welcome.

To obtain an application form please contact Mount Lilydale Mercy College on 9735 4022.

Parent Teacher Interviews – Online Bookings Thursday the 14th of September from 3:30pm to 8:00pm.

Bookings will open from the Wednesday 28th March from 3.30pm – 8.00pm. All bookings to be done online. The online address to make bookings is: www.schoolinterviews.com.au


Congratulations to the following students:

PB: Patrick D/Luca R        PR:  Joey O          

1/2F: Ella E                        1/2P: Lucy R          1/2C: Breanna P         1/2H: Milla J       

3/4M: Anna G                   3/4G: Taj R            3/4R: Leim S                3/4F: Sophie B       

5/6B:  Jordyn K                 5/6P: Ryleigh V     5/6C: Lily R                   5/6F: Patrick O

My love and best wishes for a lovely week.

Angela Glennie