A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents,

This week is planning week and so that means the specialist time table is unusual!  Please reassure your child that this is only for the week and that if they find themselves with the incorrect uniform or no library bag, that’s okay, it’s only for one day.  We find these final two weeks of term (every year), have the potential to be quite difficult as many students are unwell and most are tired.  As the adults in the students’ lives I encourage everyone to have a mindset of TLC as we help one another get to the end of a very long and recently, wet and cold, term.  Teachers will be making the most of the ‘Play Is the Way’ program which focuses on social skills and on gratitude journals to support their emotional and social wellbeing.

A big thank you to our wonderful P& F ladies for the fantastic disco last Thursday!  The students have told me how much fun they had; a terrific event!  I would also like to say how beautifully the children behaved themselves whilst still getting the most out of the disco; they are a real credit to   St Marys and a real credit to our families.

Congratulations to every child in the school who participated in skipping across the term.  I dare say that fitness levels have increased significantly and this was evident during Wednesday’s ‘Jump Off’ when students jumped continuously for over an hour!  Thank you to the parents who came along and joined in and to our teachers for their support of the program.  A special word of thanks to Mrs Bec McCormick who coordinated the ‘Jump Rope for Heart’ 2018.

Recently parents have asked me about the phonics approach we are using at St Marys.  Children are coming home with various actions and sounds and some

parents would like to ‘get in on the action’ and that’s great!  The following YouTube

video is a quick example of some of the work that is happening in classrooms each


Next week has a few exciting things of note:

  1. Italian Day is next Tuesday! A day to celebrate all that we learn through our Italian Program.  The children are asked to dress up for the day as either Italian characters or in Italian colours; as I visited the classrooms today the students reminded me that the dress-ups need to be appropriate, when I looked puzzled, they said “That means no Mafia Mrs Glennie!” (Out of the mouths of babes!).  I would like to extend the welcome to any families who would like to attend the Italian Day Show in the hall at 11:30am.

  2. The Year 5/6 Farm Expo is next Wednesday 9:00-11:00 in the senior classrooms.  Last year’s expo of learning was amazing and so I encourage everyone to come along and support this valuable learning initiative.

  3. Auditions for the Year 3-6 School Production are occurring until the holidays.  All students from years 3-6 are required to participate in some way and so we encourage all children to become involved in the audition process.

  4. Friday June 29th is the final day of term with a 2:30 PM FINISH.

Congratulations to the following students:

PB: Kya F PR: Evie Amy 1/2F: Laylah F

1/2P: Jackson W 1/2C: Harrison S 

1/2H: Natasha G  3/4M:James B           

3/4G: Zach D      3/4R: Sienna K    

3/4F: Lachlan A 5/6B: Brigitte R  5/6P: Phoebe H             

5/6C: Ella M/ PJ D/Shalina T 5/6F: Paige P/Blake M


My best wishes for a lovely week.  

Angela Glennie, Principal