A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents,

Wasn’t the Art Show fantastic? Congratulations to all of the students and teachers for producing such a wide and colourful variety of visual art throughout the year. A huge thank you to Mrs Eliza Kelly who not only teaches visual art to the senior level students but who was the creative coordinator for the art show. Along with the educational support officers, she created a truly stunning display of the school’s artwork. We were very pleased that so many families attended the art show, both after school and after yesterday’s mass. I was pleased to welcome parishioners and even past families to the hall, as they too were impressed to view the show.

A reminder that we will be meeting for a Community Conversation in the hall tomorrow evening at 7pm. This session will provide an opportunity to hear from this year’s student leaders, as they reflect on the year, as well as providing an opportunity for parents to tell us what they really think ‘worked’ in 2018 and what they might like us to consider in 2019.

The students were put through their ‘cricket paces’ during P.E. sessions today with a special clinic. Thank you to Mrs Rebecca McCormick, who sources a variety of sporting opportunities for the student throughout the year. The students certainly enjoy the sporting challenges and it is another important way of bringing the outside community into St Mary’s.

The P & F would like to hear from any volunteers willing to lend a helping hand during the upcoming Christmas Fair. If you can spare a half hour to help out somewhere during the fair, you are encourage to contact Liz Gibson m.e.gibson@bigpond.com

The P & F are also holding their AGM on December 12th at 2:30pm. Nomination forms will be available from the office. We encourage anyone who would like to become involved to consider filling out a nomination form.

Congratulations to Talisha (5/6) and Annabelle (1/2), for being awarded a prize for her art entry into this year’s Lilydale Show. We love hearing of student achievements in the wider community and encourage you to let us know when your child would like to share an achievement in the newsletter.

Some of you may have noticed an influx of teachers at our school last Wednesday. Several teachers from other catholic schools in the region came to observe a demonstration maths lesson. St Mary’s has been a part of a two year long maths project. This has seen our teachers learning from experts, including Professor Peter Sullivan, on how to provide stimulating maths learning for the 21st century.  

With summer around the corner I would like to remind you all, that in keeping with current legislation, our school will be closed on CODE RED days. This means that if a CODE RED day is forecast, you can assume that our school will not be opened. Under current legislation, we are not permitted to have students or staff on site on these days. On other days of extreme fire danger, it is up to you to put your own family’s fire plan into action and this will determine whether your child comes to school for either a full or part day. It is also important that you keep your personal and work numbers up to date, and that your mobile numbers are correct, so that we may contact you if necessary.

Following the recent letter we sent out addressed to all families we are now including in the newsletter the fee schedule for 2019. The fees have been set for the next year in accordance with the Principal, Parish Priest Accountant and the advice of the School Education Board. Accounts will be billed and invoices sent home early February 2019. Please contact the office if you would like to start paying 2019 school fees in advance.


My best wishes for a lovely week,

Angela Glennie, Principal.

Congratulations to our students of the week:

PB: Tobey H/Amaia W           PR: Nash S/Ella R

1/2P: Noah A                          1/2C: Zac O                1/2H: Summer K      1/2F: Micah C

3/4F: Cooper W                      3/4M: Beau M             3/4G: Joshua V         3/4R: Phoenix M                  

5/6B: Sam C                         5/6P: Scarlett S           5/6F: Patrick O         5/6C: Cooper S