A Message from the Principal





Dear Parents,


What a very warm and sunny start to our week.  The term got off to a great start also. Thank you to all those families who have managed to get their children to school on time, in correct uniform and ready to learn. It makes the staff proud to be part of such a positive and collaborative community where we all work together for the benefit of our students.


We are pleased to announce that before and after school care is now available on site for our students.  This program is run by Cire and they would welcome any parents who would like to drop in and meet the staff. So please see the details further in the newsletter if this is something that would be useful for your family.


Last week the Grade 5/6 students had an excursion to the Museum. This was a very informative and enjoyable experience for them and will enrich their learning this term.  We have included some photos of their day for you.  This week our 3/4 students will be heading to the zoo to enhance their learning.


School Fees and Levies for 2018 have been set for the next year in accordance with the Principal, Parish Priest Accountant and the advice of the School Advisory Council.  Please see the fee schedule in this newsletter.


Accounts will be billed and invoices sent home on 8th February 2018.  Please contact the office if you would like to start paying 2018 school fees in advance. 


We are happy to announce that the 2018 school fees will attract for the first time a $100.00 discount per family fee (7% discount for 1 child family) for fees paid in full by April 20th 2018.


For those who would like to support Legacy, we currently have poppies available for sale at the office.


Term 4 is always a busy run to end of the year so please check the newsletter and keep informed of upcoming dates and events.


Congratulations to our Students of the Week for last week:   


Prep B: Lila H/Kaia D        Prep R: Noah A/Jake A


1/2F: Amelia H-S               1/2P: Mikayla B                 1/2R: Mila K                        1/2H: Harry C/Bella W   


3/4R: Katelyn D                                 3/4F: Mitchell McL           3/4C: Jack McS                  3/4G: Nikita V D E/Taylah W


5/6B: Xavier B                    5/6F: Mitchell M               5/6P: Zelie Z                       5/6C:




My prayers and best wishes for a lovely week.


Veronica Fraraccio, Acting Principal