School Fees

Catholic schools could not exist without assistance from parents in the form of fees. Such fees assist in making up the short fall in Government grants and are vital to the ongoing viability of our schools.

In 2015, the fees are as follows:

   •  Enrolment Fee:

For new families $100.00 (deducted from 1st Term fees).

   •  Books and Levies:

$235.00 per child per year payable at the beginning of the year. This covers the cost of the book pack of start items, subject levies and excursions. It does not cover the Camp Program for Grade 6, interschool athletics or outside sports for Grade 4, 5 and 6.

   •  Tuition Fees:

$990 per family per year. At St. Mary's we understand that different methods of payment may suit different families so we have structured four methods to choose from:

   •  20 fornightly payments

   •  10 monthly payments

   •  3 term payments

   •  1 yearly payment

Education Maintenance Allowance is available to parents who hold a Health Care Card and can be claimed twice per year if your card is valid on the first day of Term 1 and Term 3. One half of this allowance is automatically sent to the school and the other half, if signed over, will be deducted from fees, thus reducing the amount owing.

  •  Grade 6 Camp

$220.00 payable by 2nd March 2015