Uniform Order Form Term Four 2016


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All St. Mary’s students are required to wear the full correct school uniform. We believe that the wearing of uniforms promotes the children’s pride in their school and self-discipline.  Uniform items can be purchased or made at little cost.  The uniform shop at St. Mary’s carries all uniform items, including school and library bags.  There is a small amount of second hand uniforms available in the shop.

Children are expected to have a school bag with the St Mary’s School logo.

Please ensure that your children bring their correct school bag.

Girls’ Summer Uniform                                                                               Boys’ Summer Uniform

St Mary’s uniform school dress                                        Navy Shorts

Length of dresses and tunics should                                (no jeans, jean style or cargo pants)

not be above the knee                                                    St Mary’s polo shirt

St Mary’s windcheater                                                    St Mary’s windcheater

Navy socks                                                                   Navy socks

Black polished shoes                                                      Black polished shoes

(no sneakers/runners)                                                    (no sneakers/runners)

School hat                                                                    School hat       


Girls’ Summer Sports Uniform                                                                  Boys’ Summer Sports Uniform

Navy track suit pants                                                     Navy track suit pants

St Mary’s windcheater                                                    St Mary’s windcheater

Navy unisex sports shorts or                                          Navy unisex sports shorts

navy skort

St Mary’s polo shirt                                                       St Mary’s polo shirt

White St. Mary’s sports socks or plain                             White St. Mary’s sports socks or plain

white socks and runners                                                            white socks and runners

School hat                                                                    School hat       

Please ensure that all items of uniform are well maintained, including sports uniform and hats.


St Mary’s School logo school bag

No jewellery – plain studs, sleepers, watches excepted.

No make-up

No extremes of hairstyles

Long hair to be tied back at all times with navy ties and ribbons

No nail polish


An important note on Uniforms.    

Whilst it is not compulsory to purchase uniform items only from our uniform shop, we trust that parents will only purchase items that are of the same as sold in the shop.  We would ask that you continue to support us as we strive to ensure a disciplined atmosphere in our school, by ensuring that your children do wear the standardised uniform.  

Your children may, at times, tell you that it is okay because, “others do it” or “have it”, but this is a good signal that it is NOT okay!

A note about hair

 As we are a primary school, we feel that any change of colour is inappropriate for children.  In the spirit of our practice at St Mary’s,  to keep children as children, we ask that you cooperate with  this and leave the hair colouring as something that they can look forward to in their older age. We also differentiate between “weekend hair” and “school hair”.  The use of hair gel, etc., and styling, is considered to be a “weekend hair” practice. There is also the problem of styling hair so that it will fall over the child’s eyes or face when they lean forward, e.g., long fringes or strands being left out of ties.  This then becomes a distraction when they are writing or reading.   If we can all work together on this then not only does it assist in their learning and  give a more disciplined and uniformed approach, but it will also save you time and money!