A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents,

CONGRATULATIONS! (Parents and students!)

You all did so well with your return to St Mary’s site today!

A big thank you to you all for your bravery.  It was lovely to see you all with your cuddle buddies and smiles, we all loved having you back.  Thank you to the wonderful staff who worked very hard yesterday preparing for today and a special thanks to Mrs Kelly and her onsite assistants who put so many ‘treasures’ along the bush road for everyone to see as they drove in this morning.  A truly wonderful and heart-warming start for our return.

The photos I’ve shared this morning show how thrilled we all are to be back!

And…just when we think we've got a routine sorted...things change again!  As we all manage the juggle of home learning, work commitments, onsite students, return of P-2 and 3-6 remote learning, one thing's for sure; nothing is perfect but we are all doing the best we can and that's all we can ask of anyone! With our return to onsite P-2 this week, many of our teachers including specialist teachers are required to carry out duties to support the children who are onsite and therefore they can't continue to deliver live or video sessions (in their specialist area) across the next two weeks.  And so for anyone who is continuing to learn from home, I'd like to remind you of the PE and Specialist self-directed activities that were shared a few weeks back and suggest that these activities (of which there are many), can be used by the students to help break up their days (especially the afternoon sessions).  So we encourage you all to have a look at the links below (they’ve also been emailed to you).

Tomorrow is of course National Simultaneous Story Time and because we won’t be able to share a story together in the hall, we have put together a little video interpretation of the story ‘Whitney and Britney Chicken Divas’ by Lucinda Gifford.  It’s a terrific story and I think children and parents will enjoy our presentation!

We look forward to continuing to make arrangements for phase two return to site and as always I’ll share logistics with you all once we get a little further along into phase one.

Whether you are onsite or learning from home, I’d like to extend the invitation to join us for Assembly on Friday via google meet.







We hope you enjoy all of the wonderful photos that have been so generously sent into us!

Stay safe and happy.