The Arts

The areas of the Arts at St. Mary's, encompasses Visual Art and Craft as well as an extensive and varied program of Performing Arts.  Visual Art is taught by the classroom and specialist teachers and an annual Art Show is held to share student learning with the community.  In the Junior Level Drama, Dance and Music is taught to all students; this program culminates in a Performing Arts Showcase during Term 4.  In Years 3-6, all students are involved in an elective Performing Arts program and can choose from Guitar, Recorder, General Music, Choir, Dance, Drama and Multimedia.  This program, coordinated by a specialist Performing Arts teacher also provides an opportunity for interested parents to learn a musical instrument alongside their child.  The year 3-6 students produce a yearly production that is written by the students with a focus on the relevant Wellbeing themes being investigated by the school community.  Students are also encouraged to perform at various parish and school community events.