All Grade six students are required to write and present a speech for the positions of School Leaders and Sports Captains.  Speeches are presented to all Grade 5/6 students. Based on these speeches, Grade 5/6 students and all staff vote for the positions.  Students who are elected are presented with badges in Term One of their Grade 6 year and participate in a number of leadership roles including Social Justice Activities, assisting at school sports, leading morning fitness and assisting in running of assemblies. All Grade 6 students have a Prep buddy from Term 1 until the end of the year. During the year the students have a weekly get together where they participate in various activities such as craft, reading, drama, games or outdoor P.E type activities. They look after their buddy at whole school Masses, sports days and other special occasions. The relationship between buddies is very special and is highly regarded by all involved.

We remind all Grade 6 students that they are leaders of the school and people to be looked up to.