Behaviour Management

At St. Mary's we will encourage the children to care for and respect themselves and others and to manage their emotions in a socially acceptable way, according to Gospel values. We aspire to be an inclusive community, accepting and considerate of others. We endeavour to create an atmosphere where children will be responsible for their actions and realise how their choices impact on themselves and others. We aim for everyone to feel safe, secure and know that their contribution to the school community is valued.

Formation in self-discipline and responsibility is one part of our Pastoral Care at St. Mary's.

At the beginning of the year, each class discusses the rules and some consequences that will occur if a rule is not kept. The procedure, through which we take the children, has 4 steps and incorporates a written or thinking task. This procedure is known as "The 4 W Sheet". All staff, permanent, temporary or casual, are instructed to abide by our policy.

When parents accompany classes out of the school, parents are invited into the classroom prior to the actual time of departure. This is to inform the children that these parents will also be in charge of them during the excursion and to ensure that the parents are aware that a high standard of good behaviour is expected.

There are also consequences for continued breaches of the rules. The school's response to serious offences is outlined in the Catholic Education Commision of Victoria's document "Pastoral Care of Students in Catholic Schools".

A Condition of Enrolment, which parents agree to abide by and are required to sign for on the enrolment form, is that parents are expected to accept and support the policies, rules and expectations of our school.

Advice should be sought from the Principal should modified or further management be required for a particular child.