Car Park



For the safety of all our children we ask that driver courtesy, patience and the utmost care is practised at all times. 

No standing in the driveway unless ALL parking spaces are taken.


When you have accessed a car park, do not leave it to join the queue.


We need access for emergency vehicles, delivery vehicles and buses.


Blocking the driveway also means that others are unable to access available parking spaces and causes a dangerous back up of traffic in Clegg Road.

  • Pick up and drop off only at the designated area. Please ensure that your child can do up their own seat belt if you are using this area, as this will ensure an uninterrupted flow.
  • Maximum speed anywhere in the school grounds is walking pace (5km) – our school grounds begin at the Clegg Rd entrance.
  • The driveway in front of the church, in front of the Presbytery carport and the driveway to the rear of the presbytery is to be kept clear at all times to allow 24hour access.
  • Please keep the access to the staff car park clear. 
  • When backing into allocated car parking spaces please indicate & avoid backing over two lanes from an opposite bay and ensure that your car is not overhanging the walkway.
  • Please depart from the car park as soon as possible after collecting your children, so that others may park in the designated areas.
  • The school property begins at the green gates at Clegg Rd. When departing from the school grounds, it is necessary to give way to traffic coming from the right of the roundabout at Clegg Rd. Traffic, other than school traffic, use this roundabout.
  • Please avoid parking on the nature strips at the front of the school or blocking the driveways of our neighbours. You may incur a fine from a visiting parking inspector.
  • Please be polite and respectful of everyone (including our neighbours) at ALL times.

If we all cooperate the car park does work. We find that generally, the car park is virtually cleared by 3.30pm. so it may be beneficial to come a little later, rather than earlier.


The speed limit at St Mary’s is 5kmph at all times in the Car Park.