Working Bees

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Super Working Bee!

Saturday 30th March

The jobs to be completed this Super Working Bee are:

  • Move the long jump pit / clear soccer pitch
  • Clear the bush track of overhanging branches / undergrowth
  • Clear oval edges of blackberries/undergrowth
  • Replace eroded soil / grass on oval hill
  • Clean soft fall area around equipment
  • Prepare path for new concrete
  • Create new garden in prep playground


In response to your feedback, the first working bee for this year will be a Super Working Bee.

This means we will be working from 8.00a.m. until 12.00 midday.

If you have the following equipment to bring along it would be appreciated:

Dingo or similar machinery


Hedge trimmer / long handled cutter / secateurs



Future super working bee projects:

Build a deck in prep area & a bridge to flying fox equipment

(those with building skills, let us know!)